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At Nocturnal Cloud we believe that justice must be given to the quality of content used within social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Soundcloud with applied understanding of digital ethics and in order to do this effectively Nocturnal Rhythm was born.

Nocturnal Rhythm

Purveyors of bespoke events, trend capturing and all round artistry. The genesis of the movement was the result of a longstanding love of creative culture based in Notting Hill West London and the passion not to see a cherished creative crafts disappear. With its roots in the pleasure of proficiency, the realisation that there is such a plethora of varied talents associated with the project, the reasoning, why can't they be tied together under a common banner. Unified by an ethos of moral accountability Nocturnal Rhythm hopes that by fusing the current eclectic vanguard of creative talent moving forward as a harmonised collective, the potential impact it can have on the creative industries has huge ramifications for hopefully a more human future.


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