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Nocturnal Cloud is a boutique digital agency offering bespoke design, development and cross-platform marketing, with specialist focus on online video. We work across web, mobile and native apps, serving a diverse range of clients from sectors encompassing music and film, financial and legal services, sports, broadcasting and digital public relations.

In an ever increasing world of complex and fragmented platforms, methods of distribution and monetisation, we keep abreast of the latest consumer trends and behaviours, so you don’t have to.

We Offer Three Core Services

– web design, responsive design, native mobile apps UI/UX, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce & payments

2. DIGITAL MARKETING – search engine optimisation (SEO), search marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), email marketing, conversion, design, creative, content generation and curation, analytics & reporting

3. ONLINE & MOBILE VIDEO – production, optimisation, distribution, seeding, management & monetisation

Our process begins with collaboratively building an understanding your requirements, goals and metrics. We then carry out comprehensive market research to understand your landscape. Agile design and development methodologies are then applied to create and iterate solutions. We offer transparent communication and project management and are proud to be known for our track record of delivering on time and on budget.

With a background in the music industry, our approach caught attention of clients seeking to apply same elements, connecting with consumers through personality and emotion, to their own industries. Our end-to-end bespoke service can help you throughout conception, production, marketing and targeted distribution.

Our agile core team has on-demand access to additional resources spanning front and back-end software development, graphics and design, video production and social media marketing.

It is our fundamental belief that Internet usage is hurtling towards majority mobile. With this in mind, all websites are built with mobile compatibility as a must. App development is also a vital component to complete digital presence, allowing businesses to communicate with clients and the public in a controlled, branded environment, providing additional functions and services only available through native apps.

Pouya Hosseinpour | Founder

From an early age, Pouya was imbued with a passion for technology that knew no bounds, spending hours each day teaching himself coding and design well before the dawn of the internet. By the time he was 12, he had single-handedly produced a social platform that, in its vision, was equivalent to being a precursor to Facebook.

Armed with a strong knowledge of website design and development combined with a longstanding love of turntables and vinyl, Pouya then worked as a technical specialist in digital marketing within the music industry. He quickly made a name for himself by providing creative solutions globally to over 500 record labels and assembling a sterling portfolio in the process. Having built a reputation for strategizing, executing and measuring marketing campaigns, Pouya realised that what most creative agencies lacked was a fluency in technical orientation leading to a disunity between vision and execution.

With skills across both spectrums, Pouya bridged this disconnect, ensuring a seamless transition from technological structure and the apparatus to analyse it. With the work pouring in, he decided to set up his own digital creative agency. And so, the award-winning Nocturnal Cloud was born.

With a glittering list of clients from former music projects in hand, Pouya assembled a team of talented technical creatives. Under one roof in Soho, they began an innovational digital odyssey. Since its inception, Nocturnal Cloud has consistently produced visually stunning websites, marketing materials and social media services for brands ranging from Grace Jones and The Gorillaz to Saatchi & Saatchi and Pancreatic Cancer UK. As Founder and CEO of Nocturnal Cloud, Pouya also built into it a facility for the production of online film and app development which in turn encouraged an environment of constant innovation.

With his Creative Agency and Tech Lab flourishing, Pouya has plans to expand Nocturnal Cloud into a full-blown London laboratory. Harnessing the latest technological breakthroughs to have a direct applicability to businesses in fields such as games, apps and architecture, his latest undertaking will become a company-building-company that develops products and startups at the vanguard of the tech world.

Nocturnal Rhythm

Through the provision of an accessible infrastructure Nocturnal Rhythm is determined to act as a platform, showcasing and supporting as much emerging talent as possible.