Apple will engrave ‘fart’ and ‘dick’ on your new AirTags, but not ‘poop’

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Apple will engrave 'fart' and 'dick' on your new AirTags, but not 'poop'

Apple finally announced its Tile-killer product at Tuesday’s event — and not a moment too soon, as everyone’s probably a little out of practice when it comes to the whole “leaving the house with everything you need” thing after a year indoors.

AirTags are stainless steel buttons a bit over an inch in diameter that you can throw into a bag or attach to a keychain-style holder in order to track your stuff using Bluetooth and your iPhone’s built-in features.

In addition to the very necessary considerations given to the potential for abuse of tracking devices, the AirTags also come with the ability to add up to four engraved characters on their front face. Now, obviously these are a handy extra way of telling your multiple AirTags apart, on top of the iPhone’s pairing features. But just like Apple’s other engravable products, there’s also the ability to have a little fun with your personalisation. Within reason, of course. Read more…

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