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Google Nest Hub Max vs Nest Hub: The differences explained

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Google offers the Nest Hub Max and rebranded Google Nest Hub, formerly Google Home Hub, as the two devices within its smart display portfolio.

With an almost identical design apart from physical size, how do Google’s two Nest Hub’s compare? Here are the similarities and differences.

What’s the same?

  • Design
  • Interface
  • Features

The Google Nest Hub Max and the Google Nest Hub both feature the same design with a screen with white bezels that offers the appearance of floating on the speaker base. A microphone on/off button is positioned at the top on the rear of the two devices – this button also turns the camera off on the Nest Hub Max – while volume controls are on the left on the rear.

The two devices feature the same interface and they offer almost all the same features including smart home control, built-in Chromecast support, Google Assistant and its range of offerings, as well as YouTube access.

What’s different between the Nest Hub Max and the Nest Hub?

Despite offering an almost identical design, interface and features, there are a couple of differences between the Google Nest Hub Max and the Google Nest Hub.


  • Nest Hub Max: 10-inch, 16:10, HD, touchscreen
  • Nest Hub: 7-inch, LCD, touchscreen

The Google Nest Hub Max has a 10-inch touchscreen display, putting it in the same category as the Amazon Echo Show.

The Google Nest Hub meanwhile, has a smaller 7-inch touchscreen LCD display.


  • Nest Hub Max: 250.1 x 182.55 x 101.23mm
  • Nest Hub: 178.5 x 118 x 67.3mm

As the Google Nest Hub Max has a larger display, it is unsurprisingly a larger device overall too.

It’s quite a bit larger, at 250.1 x 182.55 x 101.23mm compared to the Nest Hub measures 178.5 x 118 x 67.3mm, but the increase in size makes it the better device for viewing content from across the room.


  • Nest Hub Max: 2.1 speaker arrangement
  • Nest Hub: Full-range speaker

The larger footprint of the Google Nest Hub Max allows for a 2.1 speaker arrangement compared to the Home Hub’s full-range speaker.

It means you get bigger sound from the Nest Hub Max and while the sound of the Nest Hub Max doesn’t match that of speakers like the Sonos One, it is a big improvement on the Nest Hub.


  • Nest Hub Max: Built-in 6.5MP Nest camera
  • Nest Hub: No camera

The Google Nest Hub Max has a camera at the top of the display, which the Nest Hub does not. In place of a camera, the Nest Hub has an ambient sensor to adjust the display brightness according to its surroundings. 

The camera on the Nest Hub Max is a Nest camera, which means it offers most of the same features as the Nest Cam IQ, including intruder alerts if you have a Nest Aware account. There are no familiar face alerts however, and night vision isn’t as good, but the camera within the Nest Hub Max is still an excellent addition for those that want the advantage of a security camera too.

Without a Nest Aware account, you can still see what’s happening in the room you place the Nest Hub Max into, as well as use it for Google Duo video calls and Face Match for up to six people. It also allows for gestures like holding your hand up to pause or play audio, which is great in use.


  • Nest Hub Max: Google Assistant, YouTube, Chromecast, smart home control, digital photo frame, music, Duo audio and video calls, gestures, Face Match, security camera
  • Nest Hub: Google Assistant, YouTube, Chromecast, smart home control, digital photo frame, music, Duo audio calls

The Google Nest Hub Max and the Google Nest Hub offer many of the same features, including control of any compatible smart home devices, access to YouTube, displaying Google Photos, playing music and the plethora of features offered by Google Assistant.

The Nest Hub Max has a couple of extra features however, thanks to that built-in Nest camera. You’ll not only be able to take part in Duo video calls but the Nest Hub Max doubles up as a security camera too, whilst also offering Face Match and gesture control, as we mentioned above.


  • Nest Hub Max: £219
  • Nest Hub: £119

The Google Nest Hub Max costs £219 but you get quite a lot for the extra £100 over the cost of the Nest Hub.

The Google Nest Hub was priced at £139 when it launched originally, but its price has now been reduced to £119.


  • Nest Hub Max: Chalk and Charcoal
  • Nest Hub: Chalk, Charcoal, Aqua and Sand

The Google Nest Hub Max is available in Chalk and Charcoal colours.

The Google Nest Hub is available in four colours, including Chalk and Charcoal, as well as Aqua and Sand.


The Google Nest Hub Max is pretty much a larger, more expensive version of the 7-inch Home Hub, but it adds plenty of extra, useful features for the increase in price. 

The Nest Hub Max’s built-in camera not only offers video calling through Google Duo, but it doubles up as a great security camera, whilst also offering gesture control and Face Match for up to six people, both of which are excellent features.

If the camera doesn’t sway your vote, the decision between these two devices will likely come down to where you want to put your Google-made smart display. For the bedroom, the smaller Nest Hub is perfect for a bedside table, whereas the Nest Hub Max is an excellent addition to a kitchen or living room.

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