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Human Touch Music


HUMAN TOUCH MUSIC, situated in Milan, is a music production company established in 2009 by Alessandro Branca and Serena Menarini, veterans with over two decades of experience in the music industry. The company has gained momentum through its impressive portfolio of high-profile music projects, spanning compositions, productions, and sound designs for renowned advertising firms such as Pan di Stelle, Mulino Bianco, and Yamaha.

Renowned for their fresh and innovative approach, HUMAN TOUCH MUSIC meticulously analyses communication briefs to tailor well-structured projects precisely to clients’ requirements. Their creative vision breathes life into background sounds, ensuring brands gain visibility with the appropriate tone while respecting their position in the market. Beyond advertising campaigns, HUMAN TOUCH MUSIC is celebrated for composing and producing soundtracks for films, short films, and documentaries, skillfully blending rhythms and tones to engage audiences emotionally.


The primary goal was to create a bespoke website that captures HUMAN TOUCH MUSIC’s essence while addressing technical shortcomings inherited from the previous infrastructure. This involved a comprehensive overhaul of the website’s design, integration of video rendering capabilities, and implementation of SEO strategies for enhanced discoverability.


  • Cutting-Edge Design: The website now boasts a cutting-edge design that harmonises HUMAN TOUCH MUSIC’s legacy with modern aesthetics.
  • Enhanced Video Presentation: Integration of video rendering capabilities elevates the presentation of the company’s impressive portfolio.
  • Streamlined Communication: A new contact form with filtering options ensures streamlined communication with clients and collaborators.
  • Dedicated News Platform: Visitors can stay informed about the latest developments and projects through a dedicated news platform.
  • SEO Optimisation: The website is optimised for search engines, enhancing its visibility and reach.
  • Sleek and Minimalist Design: Adopting a sleek and minimalist design approach enhances user experience and navigation.
  • Category-Based Filterable Project Listing: Projects are categorised for easy navigation, allowing visitors to explore HUMAN TOUCH MUSIC’s diverse portfolio effortlessly.
  • Modern Refresh of Brand and Website: The website design reflects a modern interpretation of HUMAN TOUCH MUSIC’s brand identity, resonating with contemporary audiences.
  • Project View with Video and GIF Support: Visitors can view projects with video and GIF support, offering an immersive experience.
  • Hosting Infrastructure Upgrade: Migration to a new hosting infrastructure ensures optimal performance and scalability, setting the stage for future advancements.


In conclusion, the collaboration between HUMAN TOUCH MUSIC and Nocturnal Cloud has resulted in a website that not only showcases the company’s rich history and innovative spirit but also enhances user experience and accessibility. The modern design, enhanced video presentation, streamlined communication, and SEO optimisation contribute to the website’s success in attracting and engaging audiences. As HUMAN TOUCH MUSIC continues to evolve, the website stands ready to support its journey towards greater heights in the music industry.



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Telephone: +44 333 303 4737 (London, United Kingdom)


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