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Interfaith Explorers

Our Solution:

Interfaith Explorers is an innovative digital learning resource that helps pupils to understand the world around them, respect cultural and religious diversity, and facilitate Global Citizenship Education (GCED). This web-based resource is supported by UNESCO, The Commonwealth and The Prince’s Trust and designed to compliment RE and PSHE teaching in primary and early secondary school education.

Interfaith Explorers is mapped to National Curriculum requirements and Sustainable Development Goal 4.7. It offers teachers a bank of high quality cross-curricula resources to use with pupils at Key Stage 2 and those embarking on their Key Stage 3 transition. The resource can be used as a six-week unit or in parts throughout the academic year.

The website is programmed using HTML, CSS, and Javascript and hosted on a secure server. It is optimized for mobile devices and has accessibility features, such as text size adjustment and screen reader compatibility. Security features are implemented, such as HTTPS and two-factor authentication.

Interfaith Explorers provides a safe and secure environment for pupils to learn and engage with the content. Through its use of modern web technologies and programming, the website is a valuable resource for teachers and students alike.


  • HTML5 Video Animation Intro Page.
  • Bespoke Artist Management system.
  • Bespoke page templates
  • Enhanced Mobile designs.
  • Cross device compatibility testing.
  • Performance optimisation.
  • Brochure print designs.
  • Branding Support.
  • Integration of social media. 
  • Highly stylised mysterious website design.
  • Highly stylised animations effects and icon creation.
  • Bespoke functionality tailored precisely to the clients requirements.
  • Optimised and secured infrastructure.


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