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Tico Tequila


Tico Tequila, produced at the Cascahuin Distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, is a captivating blend of tradition and modernity. This new-age tequila, crafted using time-honored techniques, has been making waves since its official London launch on March 26th. The distillery itself holds an impressive ranking, securing the third position out of 122 distilleries according to Tequila Matchmaker. Tico Tequila Blanco, with its light sweet cooked agave aroma, aromatic green vegetal notes, and a hint of white pepper, promises a delightful tasting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned tequila enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Tico Tequila is a must-try for those seeking a fresh take on this iconic spirit.


The primary objective behind the creation of the Tico Tequila website was to effectively embody the essence of the brand while also offering a seamless e-commerce platform for delivering products to consumers. To achieve this, the site’s aesthetics were meticulously crafted to mirror the distinctive branding of Tico Tequila. Utilising visually captivating layouts and incorporating cutting-edge web development tools and techniques, the website serves as a dynamic representation of the brand’s identity, effectively communicating its core ideas and values to visitors.


In pursuit of the new website’s objectives, we successfully executed the following key strategies:

  • Unique Layouts and Bespoke Design: We crafted distinctive layouts, infusing them with bespoke design elements. These visually captivating arrangements not only enhance aesthetics but also serve functional purposes.
  • Leveraging WooCommerce: Building upon the robust foundation of WooCommerce, we streamlined the online purchasing experience for customers. While maintaining visual appeal, we seamlessly integrated videos and animated elements to elevate the overall impact of the website.
  • Individual Product Styling: Each tequila product now boasts its own unique identity through carefully curated styling. This approach ensures that Tico Tequila’s offerings stand out and resonate with discerning consumers.
  • The Bar: We introduced “The Bar” section, where tantalizing recipes featuring Tico Tequilas take center stage. This content not only engages users but also deepens their connection with the brand.
  • Our Process: The dedicated “Our Process” page provides an insightful glimpse into the meticulous production journey of Tico Tequilas. From agave cultivation to distillation, visitors gain a comprehensive understanding of the brand’s craftsmanship.

We carefully implemented essential components such as the Contact page, Gallery, and other informative sections. These pages populate the website with crucial details, ensuring a holistic user experience.


A dynamic and engaging online platform that embodies Tico Tequila’s spirit and invites enthusiasts to savor its essence.



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