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The Polaroid Go is the world’s smallest instant camera

By April 20, 2021 No Comments

Polaroid is pretty much royalty in the instant camera world, at least as far as brand awareness goes. Ask anyone on the street to name an instant camera and there’s a good chance they’ll go with its well-worn name.

It’s a more competitive market than it seems, though, and while Polaroid still has some great modern instant cameras, there’s always room for improvement in a world where Fujifilm just keeps on making great Instax alternatives.

Now, Polaroid has debuted the Polaroid Go – the new world’s smallest instant camera, and a great-looking little bit of tech. It’s just 10.5 cm long, 8.4 cm wide, and 6.1 cm tall, which is a long way of saying that’s it’s genuinely tiny.

It packs bespoke miniature Polaroid film to go with the new form-factor, too, making it a clear competitor to the smaller Instax format that has served Fujifilm so brilliantly. 

The camera has a few standard tricks up its sleeve, too: a new selfie mirror to make framing shots easier, a self-timer, dynamic flash, and the option of double exposure, which always looks great on instant film.

The camera is on pre-sale today, and available fully on April 27, for £109.99, with a double pack of film coming it at £18.99. 

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