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Sony PS5 vs. Microsoft Xbox Series X: Next-gen consoles power up – CNET

We know enough so far about what to expect to justify some eager anticipation. Source / CNET

Meghan Markle on the killing of George Floyd: ‘The only wrong thing to say is to say nothing’

Silence speaks volumes.  But silence is not an option after the killing of George Floyd, who died after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes,…

Signal adds a face blurring tool its secure messaging app

Encrypted chat app Signal is rolling out a new feature to help its users stay anonymous: face blurring. Developed in response to the ongoing Black Lives Matter demonstrations taking place…

Cisco’s warning: Critical flaw in IOS routers allows ‘complete system compromise’

Cisco has delivered updates to address four critical flaws affecting its industrial routers.

Apple is planning to add live sports to Apple TV+

Apple seems to be planning on adding sports to Apple TV+ thanks to a recent appointment. We’ve known for a while that Apple has been interested in sport – it…

Panasonic’s first true wireless headphones, the RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W, are here

Panasonic’s first true wireless headphones look like great value for money Source / Digital Trends

Highlights of the day: Taiwan becoming new server manufacturing center

As more server makers and brands are relocating production lines from China to Taiwan or establishing new manufacturing facilities in the market, Taiwan’s role in the server industry has grown more important. Meanwhile, the uprising demand for datacenter servers will continue benefiting Taiwan-based PCB makers in the second half of 2020 despite the upstream supply chain rumor about witnessing datacenter clients decelerating their order pull-ins. Memory ASPs have been declining throughout the second quarter and may have a chance to resume growth in the fourth quarter.

‘We are at the scene of the crime:’ Hasan Minhaj demands Asians step up to fight anti-black racism

Minneapolis father George Floyd died on May 25 after a white police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes, ignoring his protests that he couldn’t breathe. However, as…

‘Project Cars 3’ trailer has some sim racing fans worried

The folks at Simply Mad Studios have released a short preview for their first Project Cars game under new ownership with Codemasters, and the response from fans has been a…

The best carpet cleaner 2020: Do a deep clean

You can hoover all day and all night, but some stains just aren’t going to come out unless you get some specialist equipment. If you’ve ever spilled something clingy on…

Samsung boss faces arrest again

This time it’s for breaking local capital market laws, including accounting fraud and stock manipulation, in the merger of two key company affiliates.

Intex Inflatable Fishing Fun Play Center for $95 + free shipping – CNET

Intex Inflatable Fishing Fun Play Center for $95 Source / CNET

Incognito mode detection still works in Chrome despite promise to fix

Google said last year that it would fix a bug that allowed sites to detect incognito mode, but no fix ever came.

Epistar charges Lowe’s for infringement of LED filament lighting technology

Epistar has filed a charge with a US District Court against US-based Lowe’s Home Center and Lowe’s Companies (collectively as Lowe’s) for infringing on its five US patents concerning LED filament lighting technologies, according to the company.

6 of the best exercise bikes for keeping fit at home

Working out and staying fit is difficult at the best of times, even with constant access to the gym and other health and fitness facilities. Nowadays, we’re all having to…

Watch SpaceX nail the key stages of its latest Starlink launch

The mission’s Falcon 9 booster became the first one to achieve five landings Source / Digital Trends

Laptop displays: Everything you need to know

From contrast and color gamut to refresh rate and screen resolution, here’s our guide to laptop displays. Source / Digital Trends

Fiat Chrysler’s early EV plans include an Alfa Romeo SUV in 2022

Fiat Chrysler hasn’t been very specific about its plans for all-electric vehicles, but it’s starting to open up. The company told Autocar (via Electrek) that its Alfa Romeo brand will…

Encrypted Signal app downloads skyrocket amidst nationwide protests

When the police state comes knocking, a little bit of privacy goes a long way.  As peaceful protesters across the nation are repeatedly brutalized by law enforcement, people have turned…

Commonwealth Bank stops its platform from being used to hurl abuse

The yellow and black bank is curbing potentially abusive money transfer messages in direct response to domestic violence victims being intimidated by their abusers.

How to buy Ripple

Want to learn to buy Ripple? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through the process step by step. Source / Digital Trends

‘Call of Duty’ developer will further crack down on racist players

Activision and Infinity Ward are responding to Black Lives Matter protests with more than delayed Call of Duty seasons. Infinity Ward has vowed to crack down harder on racism in…

Instagram, give the swipe-up feature to everyone so protesters can share resources

There’s no denying Instagram Stories is a strong platform for protesters who want to spread a message. Unfortunately, a lot of activists are missing an essential tool for connecting their…

What is the best order to watch the Planet of the Apes movies?

The first Planet of the Apes film released 52 years ago. It’s been a huge influence on popular culture, and even spawned eight sequels, a few of which manage to…

NetApp buys cloud optimization startup Spot

Spot’s platform provides workload optimization services for public clouds.

The best laptops for high school students in 2020

Finding the best laptops you can buy for high school students can be a real chore. Here are the top models! Source / Digital Trends

SpaceX’s latest batch of internet satellites includes one with a sun shield

SpaceX is launching another pack of Starlink satellites into orbit at 9:25PM Eastern (weather permitting), but this won’t be a typical mission. As TechCrunch explains, one of the 60 internet…

The best 1TB SSD 2020: Top terabyte solid state drives

Solid State Drives, or SSDs as they’re more commonly known, can be pretty significant game-changers if you’re not used to them. It’s one thing if you can fit one to…

Google apps and websites get support for more security keys on iOS devices

You can now use hardware security keys to access Google apps and services running on iOS devices.

Wyatt Cenac’s police-focused ‘Problem Areas’ is now streaming for free on YouTube

The first season of the HBO show Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas is now available to watch for free on YouTube. While Cenac brings a healthy dose of his comedic talents…