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HTC’s Vive XR Suite is now available for VR collaboration

Following the official announcement of Vive XR Suite back in June, today HTC is finally making its VR collaboration tool available to all, giving users full access to all five…

LG begins official sales of rollable OLED TV

LG Signature OLED R is now available in South Korea and will cost 100 million won, around $87,000.

The Fortnite-themed Nintendo Switch bundle is now available to preorder

Nintendo is seemingly capitalising on the Epic vs Apple battle, by releasing a Fortnite themed Switch bundle.  Best upcoming Nintendo Switch games to look forward to Top Nintendo Switch games:…

‘Mandalorian’ Season 2 sneak peek promises more action, more Baby Yoda, and more Mandalorians

A new sneak peek at The Mandalorian‘s second season has just dropped, giving us a look at the titular bounty hunter’s continued cosmic road trip with his tiny green baby….

You can now play Xbox games on your iPhone and iPad – CNET

Microsoft’s update to its Xbox app lets you can stream games from your console to your iPhone or iPad. However, it’s not quite Project xCloud. Source / CNET

New web app lets you take Game Boy Camera-style pics and pretend it’s 1998

The internet just got a bit more wonderful.  On Saturday a coder, animator, and electronic musician by the name of maple “mavica” syrup published a free web app that lets…

Optus turns to AWS for help with becoming ‘end-to-end’ cloud solutions supplier

Telco has also launched the Optus Cloud Academy, which will provide training for an estimated 2,000 employees on AWS cloud skills.

Now you can use Xbox remote play on your iPhone

While Microsoft is still apparently working on cloud gaming support for iOS, it just updated the iOS Xbox app with its new interface, as well as the ability to stream…

Apple introduces Apple Music TV, a 24-hour music video channel

Apple apparently wants to become the next MTV or YouTube. It has announced Apple Music TV, which is exactly what you think: A music video channel. But you access it…

TikTok makes it clear: QAnon is prohibited on the platform

QAnon is running out of major online platforms where it can spread its conspiracies. In a statement to NPR, the viral video app TikTok has confirmed that it bans accounts…

OpenStack Foundation transforms into the Open Infrastructure Foundation

In a move, which has been coming for a while, OpenStack widens its focus from the OpenStack IaaS cloud to a variety of open-source cloud technologies.

Monkey Island is getting a $160 anthology release this month

It’s no three-headed monkey, but if you’re a fan of classic adventure games, you’ll definitely want to turn around and take a look at this. In honor of Monkey Island’s…

Sonos speakers can now communicate with General Electric appliances

If you own a recent Sonos speaker, chances are you already use it to control smart home devices like Philips Hue lightbulbs. With a new integration from General Electric, you…

Gartner sees ‘internet of behaviors,’ automation, AI, experiences key 2021 technologies

Rest assured that Gartner has its share of buzzwords in its 2021 trends listing, but the technologies in whole tell a story. Here’s a look at the trends and some color commentary.

Zoomtopia 2020: Zoom looks to super-charge videoconferencing

At its fourth annual Zoomtopia event last week, videoconferencing platform Zoom unveiled a host of new features aimed at improving the in-meeting experience for its more than 300 million daily…

Google Pixel 4a 5G initial review: A smarter choice than the Pixel 5?

You might ask why the Pixel 4a 5G basically has the same feature set as the Pixel 5, rather than just being a larger version of the Pixel 4a that…

Torture a Game of Thrones star in real time in new rum-flavored game – CNET

GoT star Iwan Rheon — better known as the despicable Ramsay Bolton — is yours to command in an online experience from Kraken rum. Source / CNET

Apple Music TV is a 24-hour stream of music videos, shows and events

Apple has rolled out a free music video channel called Apple Music TV. It's available in the browse tab on both the Apple Music and Apple TV apps, or you…

Collectible Statues at GameStop: buy 1, get 75% off clearance statue + free shipping w/ $35 – CNET

Collectible Statues at GameStop: buy 1, get 75% off clearance statue Source / CNET

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 review: Your new flexible friend

We’re still early in the folding phones movement, yet one manufacturer has shown it’s taking this market seriously. Not only was Samsung one of the first phone makers to launch…

Google’s $100 Linux Coral Dev Board mini quietly launches – but sells out fast

Google’s Coral Dev Board mini briefly goes on sale before selling out but Google still says the board is coming soon.

Anime Collectibles at Gamestop: 20% off + free shipping w/ $35 – CNET

Anime Collectibles at Gamestop at GameStop: 20% off Source / CNET

Zoom’s new encryption approach is incremental, but better

Just like their consumer counterparts, enterprise IT execs have flocked to Zoom for all manner of meetings. But security has invariably taken a backseat to convenience and availability, as anyone…

Quest 2 owners reporting problems with auto sleeping

It is seemingly the week for problems with the Oculus Quest 2, with some reporting issues with Facebook accounts being banned and others saying their VR headset is just going…

Microsoft focuses on Office, less so on Windows, and offers nothing for browsers on Patch Tuesday

This posting is a little later than usual due to a number of late-in-the-week updates from Microsoft last week. We started off with no publicly reported zero-days or active exploits…

John Oliver takes a deep dive Trump’s decision to leave the World Health Organization

Following a sudden decision from Trump back in July, America is currently on track to leave the World Health Organization (WHO) on July 6, 2021. In the video above from…

App of the month from Huawei AppGallery: Moovit

Each month we’ll be taking a look at the best new apps in Huawei’s AppGallery – which gives you all the apps you’ll ever need on newer Huawei phones like…

This new malware uses remote overlay attacks to hijack your bank account

Vizom disguises itself as popular videoconferencing software many of us are relying on during the pandemic.

What’s in the latest Edge update? Rollbacks and new browser telemetry policies

Microsoft earlier this month released Edge 86, adding a “rollback” function that will let IT admins restore an earlier version of the browser and enhancing the built-in PDF viewer with…

China PCB makers poised for new stage of competition with Taiwan peers

With Taiwan sustaining its firm leadership in the global PCB industry, China has been fast catching up due to its heavy capital expenses over the past five years, and PCB makers in both countries are entering a new stage of competition in the wake of the pandemic, according to industry sources.