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How Apple might make iCloud Keychain more like 1Password with iOS 14

Apple is reportedly planning to update its iCloud Keychain feature with the upcoming iOS 14 software update for iPhones. iCloud Keychain stores passwords and other secure information across your Apple…

Many streaming services have extended their free trials

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FCC to vote on plan to open up significantly more spectrum for wi-fi

Under a new proosal, the FCC would open up the 6 GHz spectrum band to unlicensed use, making nearly 5X as much spectrum available for wi-fi

Apple Card holders can defer April payments, too

Apple Card holders are getting another reprieve in light of the COVID-19 pandemic's economic impact. Apple is emailing customers to let them know that they can defer their April payments…

All of the big movies delayed by the coronavirus so far

Hollywood has pushed back the premieres of some of its most-anticipated upcoming movies. Here’s a full list. Source / Digital Trends

DeepMind’s AI learned how to play every Atari game – CNET

It also beat human benchmark scores. Source / CNET

Don’t expect Elder Scrolls VI “Skyrim 2” reveal in June, Bethesda digital event canned

Bethesda has decided against replacing its annual E3 press conference with a digital equivalent, which means we won’t are unlikely to get any update on Elder Scrolls VI (AKA Skyrim…

Amazon’s Detective will help you investigate your cloud computing security mysteries

AWS is making the tool more widely available, to help security analysts find the root cause of cloud incidents a lot faster.

Google Doodle celebrates pioneering doctor whose work helped develop polio vaccine

121 years ago, on April 1, 1899, Dame Jean Macnamara, an Australian doctor and medical scientist whose work contributed to the development of a vaccine for polio, was born. Now,…

Spotify and Warner sign a new global music licensing deal

Spotify and Warner Music Group have signed a new global licensing agreement. If Spotify is your go-to streaming platform, the good news here is that your music listening experience won't…

Laser X Morph Double Blasters for $20 + free shipping w/ $35 – CNET

Laser X Morph Double Blasters for $20 Source / CNET

Here’s how to crack on with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day event

Eggcited for Animal Crossing’s Bunny Day event? There’s a bunch of eggstastic DIY recipes. Let’s get cracking! Source / Digital Trends

The best online courses for learning how to play an instrument

There is no right or wrong way to handle a period of isolation, and there is absolutely no shame in doing very little.  It’s perfectly acceptable to live in your…

So you’re thinking of switching to an electric car? Here’s everything you need to know

If you’re thinking of switching to an electric car, you’re not alone. Although combustion engines still make up the majority of the market, electric vehicles have been growing in sales…

European organization launches to oversee coronavirus, contact-tracking mobile apps

Projects will focus on tackling the current outbreak and future spread through mobile technology.

The Morning After: MacBook Air (2020) review

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Remember when Steve Jobs pulled the MacBook Air out of a manila envelope? These days a thin-and-light laptop isn't that shocking, but Apple's original…

These are the best Nest smart thermostat deals for April 2020

Smart thermostats help homeowners save money and stay comfortable without the need for frequent adjustments. Source / Digital Trends

‘Derry Girls’ check in from 1996 with uplifting message for everyone staying home

In these uncertain times, what we really need is our beloved Derry Girls to comfort us.  Now, we might not have Season 3 on our screens just yet, but the…

Rockstar pledges 5 per cent of revenues to COVID-19 relief

Rockstar Games will donate 5 per cent of all revenues earned in-game across Red Dead Online and GTA Online to COVID-19 relief efforts. Starting today and running to the end…

Quarantine and Chill: Here’s the information the Netflix stores about you

With a growing number of people around the world self-isolating at home, people are looking for ways to keep themselves entertained. What better way than binge-watching the TV series you have been meaning to but did not have the time?

Highlights of the day: TSMC on track to 5nm volume production

TSMC may not have been entirely unscathed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that has disrupted production and chilled end-market demand, but the outlook of for the foundry’s advanced manufacturing processes remains robust, with its 5nm node on track to start volume production in second-quarter 2020. The server sector has also seen robust orders thanks to the pandemic that is fueling demand for support for stay-at-home needs. Server assemblers say they will have significant shipments in second-quarter 2020. But the handset supply chain is having a much harder time. Production capacity in China may have been resumed, but Chinese handset vendors have seen a quick chill in demand from overseas markets.

Razor Turbo Jetts Electric Heel Wheels for $35 + free shipping w/ $35 – CNET

Razor Turbo Jetts Electric Heel Wheels for $35 Source / CNET

Pandemic hurting handset supply and demand

The fast spreading coronavirus pandemic is hurting both supply and demand of the global handset industry.

Ennoconn expects revenues to grow

Taiwan-based IPC maker Ennoconn, which has seen its capacity in China recover to regular levels since mid March, expects its revenues to see a mild sequential slip in first-quarter 2020 due to constrained supply, but sales will pick up quarterly for the rest of 2020.

Volvo’s app-based Valet maintenance service launches across the US

Volvo has officially rolled out its pickup and delivery service for vehicles needing maintenance across the US. The automaker first introduced the service called Volvo Valet back in 2018 when…

NASA’s Mars helicopter spins blades for last time before launch

The autonomous helicopter will become the first aircraft to fly on another planet Source / Digital Trends

South Korea marks over 5 million 5G subscribers

South Korea had 5.36 million subscribers that use a 5G smartphone as of February.

‘Stay the f**k at home’: Samuel L. Jackson reads you a sweary, poetic social distancing PSA

Almost a decade ago, Samuel L. Jackson’s reading of bedtime poem “Go the Fuck to Sleep” captivated the internet. Now the actor has returned to spoken word, presenting author Adam…

‘Fortnite’ gets a bullet-stopping ‘Kingsman’ umbrella

Epic's current Fortnite season is focused on secret agents, and that now includes direct references to movies — if not the ones you're likely to think of first. An update…

Server assemblers continue enjoying strong orders though IC designers see slowdown

Though IC design houses have recently seen demand from US-based datacenter clients slow down, server makers continue to enjoy strong orders from such clients, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.